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Single-use plastics are polluting our environment and harming wildlife in the ocean, in rivers, and on our surrounding lands. Plastic has been documented in nearly 700 species of marine life. It is time to take action on reducing plastic and improving our recycling system.

Senator Das is championing the Plastics and Recycling Bill  (SB5022) that focuses on three key policies that will serve as an important first step in building towards an Extended Producer Responsibility System for Washington. The bill, SB5022, was just passed out of the Senate Environment, Energy and Technology committee and is headed to the Senate Finance Committee (Ways and Means).  The bill includes the following:

  • Requires that plastic beverage containers contain post-consumer recycled plastic, from a minimum of 15% by weight in 2023 to 50% by 2031;
  • Bans expanded polystyrene (styrofoam) coolers, food service products, and packing peanuts as of June 1, 2023; and
  • Requires that restaurants and food service businesses provide straws, utensils, condiment packages and beverage cup lids only on request or in self-serve bins.

The measures contained in SB5022 are an important first step for broader changes we will bring back to Olympia next year to improve Washington’s recycling system, provide recycling to all residents in the state, make recycling free for residents by requiring producers to pay for the full life-cycle of their products, and reduce plastic pollution.

It is critical that your legislators hear from you that you support this.

Contact your Senator and your Representatives and urge them to support SB5022!

Email template to legislators

Please support SB5022  “ Concerning the management of certain materials to support recycling and waste and litter reduction” in the state of Washington, including the ban on styrofoam, opt-in for straws, utensils, condiment packages and beverage cup lids and minimum recycle content for plastic beverage containers. Plastic single-use items cause harm to Washington’s beautiful lands and waters. Not only do they harm wildlife, but also cause major contamination at recycling and composting facilities and are costly to clean up. 

Please pass SB5022!

Sincerely, (your name) 

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